Ulrich Jensen and colleagues receive Arizona Regents Award
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Ulrich Jensen and colleagues receive Arizona Regents Award

January 8, 2024

Associate Director Ulrich Jensen has been awarded a $1,507,855 Arizona Board of Regents grant to examine how government agencies can effectively communicate environmental information to residents and businesses.

The 3-year grant will be conducted in partnership with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and brings together researchers from across ASU, including Co-PIs Susan Craig (Global Institute of Sustainability & Innovation), Kathryn Lambrecht and Claire Lauer (both Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication); Mauricio Mejia, María del Mar Navarro, and Andrew Whitcomb (all The Design School, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts); Angel Luis Molina, Jr. (School of Public Affairs) and Mark Roseland (School of Community Resources and Development.
“We are so grateful and pleased to have received this grant,” says Ulrich Jensen. “The Regents grant will give us a unique opportunity to strengthen the way ADEQ and governmental agencies seek to engage the public on a critical issue, protecting our environmental resources.”