Judith Walls

Judith Walls is an Assistant Professor (Nanyang Business School) and Faculty Associate (Asian School of Environment) at NTU Singapore. He research focuses on the intersection of business and sustainability, from a corporate governance and behavioral strategy perspective. Judith’s work has focused on the roles of board directors and top executives in terms of cognition, emotions, and values that affect corporate environmental performance. She has several active research grants, including one in Mongolia that looks at the role of mining in biodiversity conservation. Judith’s work has won a number of scholarly awards and has been published in journals such as Business & Society, Cross-Cultural Management: An International Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organization & Environment, and Strategic Management Journal. She serves on the Board of Reviewers for the Journal of Business Venturing and the Journal of Management. In addition, Judith is a board director for the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS) and a scientific committee member of the GRONEN Research Conference. Judith is currently serving a four-year term in the executive team for the Organization and Natural Environment (ONE) division at the Academy of Management.