Jeongeun Kim

Jeongeun Kim is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. She is interested in how universities develop policies and practices in pursuit of prestige and reputation. Dr. Kim’s research focuses on how institutions of higher education use their autonomy to organize admission policies, financial aid (merit vs. need), tuition and fees, as well as strategies for revenue generation and resource allocation to remain competitive.

Her research also addresses how those prestige-seeking behaviors would impact stakeholders including students and faculty at those universities. In particular, her research examines how different institutional and departmental contexts affect students’ postgraduate outcomes. Also interested in globalization and internationalization, Dr. Kim researches how global recognition and status impact universities’ engagement in research collaborations and partnership programs, as well as recruitment and retention of international scholars and students.

Dr.Kim received a Ph.D in Higher Education from the University of Michigan. Her Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Higher Education and Bachelor of Arts in Education and Korean Language Education are from Korea University.