Derrick Anderson

Derrick Anderson

Assistant Director

Derrick Anderson is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University. He conducts research and teaches in areas related to public management; organizational theory and behavior; and research and development management and policy. Derrick’s most recent projects have examined the following topics: organizational goal clarity, work commitment, university faculty time allocation, organizational rule making, and the public value of scientific research.

Derrick has held several research and administrative positions. From 2010 to 2013, Derrick was a Stanley W. Shelton Fellow in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia (UGA). During this same time he served as a Senior Research Associate with the NSF-funded National Research Collaboration Study, a joint project of UGA and Georgia Tech. While at UGA, Derrick was also the project director for the most recent iteration of the National Administrative Studies Project (NASP), a large-scale survey research project examining managerial decision making. This project remains active through Derrick’s transition from UGA to ASU.

In 2012, Derrick held a visiting research fellowship in the Office of the President at ASU. After completing his PhD, Derrick returned to ASU as Advisor to the President for Innovation. In this capacity, Derrick works on complex institutional projects and activities in the fields of higher education innovation, technological innovation, science and technology policy, and economic development.

Derrick’s research career began at ASU in 2006 with internships at the NSF-funded Center for Nanotechnology in Society ( ) and then the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes ( ). Derrick holds a B.S. in political science and an M.P.P, both from Arizona State University. He received his Ph.D. in public administration and policy (organizational theory and science and technology policy) from the University of Georgia where he worked under Dr. Barry Bozeman.