Yves Schemeil

Yves Schemeil is Professor of Political Science at the University of Grenoble (Department of politics) and Professor of Global and Comparative Politics at the Grenoble School of Management. Recent publications include “Bringing International Organization in: Global Institutions as Adaptive Hybrids” Organization Studies, 34(2), 2013, 219–252; “Global Governance of the Information System Revisited: Evolution or Innovation in International Politics?” in E. Brousseau, M. Marzouki & C. Meadel, eds., Governance, Regulations and Powers on the Internet, Cambridge UP, 2012, 186-208; 2010 (with E. Brousseau & J. Sgard) “Bargaining on Law and Bureaucracies: A Constitutional Theory of Development”, Journal of Comparative Economics, September. Head of a research group on International Organizations, he is working on the management of IOs and their institutionalization. To assess the legacy of international institutions as complex hybrids in Organization theory and Management Studies he investigates Intergovernmental organizations’ structures, processes, and decision-making system, focusing on adaptive behavior attitudes towards innovation, and expansion of IGOs’ ‘market shares’, in comparison with NGOs and national Public Administrations. Additional Information is available at http://yves-schemeil.sciencespo-grenoble.fr