STEM Social Mobility Project

One of the most ambitious projects, the CORD project on STEM Careers and Social Mobility, has received a big boost.

The Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development, along with the Dean of the College of Public Programs (CORD affiliate Jonathan Koppell) and the Director of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change have provided seed money for the project. Most important, as part of this largesse, CORD has been able to hire Dr. Marla Parker as a postdoc associated with the project. She is extremely well qualified, having recently graduated from University of Illinois-Chicago in Public Affairs and have had none other than Eric Welch as her dissertation supervisor.

The STEM Careers Social Mobility Project includes four CORD affiliates, Elizabeth Corley, Monica Gaughan, Eric Welch and Barry Bozeman. The basic idea behind the project is to determine how race, class and gender interact in the development of Scientific and Technical Human Capital (S&THC) and how S&THC can be enhanced to ensure the success of underrepresented groups in STEM-related careers.