Sanjay Pandey

Sanjay K. Pandey is Professor and Shapiro Chair of Public Policy and Public Administration at Trachtenberg School, the George Washington University. Pandey’s scholarship focuses on public management and deals with questions central to leading and managing public organizations.  He directed two landmark surveys of public organizations– Phase II and Phase IV of the National Administrative Studies Project. Pandey's scholarship is widely cited and has been recognized through several awards.  He is the recipient of NASPAA/ASPA Distinguished Research Award for 2013. This award recognizes the research of an individual whose published work has made a substantial impact on the thought and understanding of public administration. His other research interests are in health policy, nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurship. Professor Pandey is widely published in leading public management and administration journals and is an often-cited public administration scholar (Google Scholar Citations). Two of his co-authored articles are included among the Public Administration Review’s 75 most influential articles (PAR 75 Most Influential Articles; a selection that includes contributions from eminent social scientists including Herbert Simon and Elinor Ostrom). Google Scholar