Robert Christensen

Dr Christensen is an associate professor and George Romney Research Fellow in the MPA Program at the Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics in the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.  He studies public and nonprofit management. He and Dr Jim Perry co-edit the third edition of the Handbook of Public Administration.  Christensen’s most recent work focuses on the impact of antisocial and prosocial behaviours in public and nonprofit organizations.  Regarding antisocial behaviours, he has been investigating how race and gender biases are manifest in judicial organizations and the impact of these prejudices.  Regarding prosocial motivations, he has been investigating the relationship between public service motivation, perceptions of organizational justice, and desirable workplace behaviours. In his nonprofit research, he has been investigating workplace giving campaigns, including the Federal Combined Campaign, and organizational competitiveness. Internationally, Christensen is working on a government competitiveness project funded by the Korean Research Foundation and led by Dr Tobin Im.  Additional information and a CV are available at