Public Management Mentoring: What Affects Outcomes?


Few research studies focus on public managers’ mentoring and few mentoring studies of any sort include any outcome measure other than reported satisfaction. Our study examines diverse outcomes for a broad-based set of public managers, outcomes including not only satisfaction but also the number of employees supervised in the current job, whether the most recent job was a promotion, and whether the protege is now a mentor. We argue that these may be particularly important outcomes in the public sector due to the common basis of promotion in numbers supervised and due to the especial need to develop proteges into mentors. Our findings show that mentoring outcomes can be predicted by attributes of the protege, the mentor, and the mentoring relationship and by the degree and type of social capital focus of the mentoring.

Full Paper

Bozeman, Barry, and Mary K. Feeney. "Public management mentoring: what affects outcomes?." Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory19.2 (2009): 427-452.