• Fellow Anders Ryom Villadsen will visit from August 27-September 11, 2015. During my visit I will work on a project on workforce diversity in public and private organizations.  The project utilizes longitudinal Danish register data to explore organizational and individual outcomes of diversity and compares dynamics in the public and private sector. Together with Justin Stritch, I work on a subproject focused on employees’ career advancement. I hope to get opportunity to meet and talk with other CORD affiliates as well.


    • St. Mary’s Food Bank project. In September 2014, the CORD team embarked upon a social impact analysis of St. Mary's Food Bank (SMFB), the largest food bank in Arizona. Over the last several months, the CORD team has engaged in gathering a significant amount of quantitative and qualitative data about SMFB's operations, distribution and partnership relationships. A particularly significant highlight is the completion of over 60 interviews of SMFB partner organizations, by our affiliate Dr. Alex Murdock, which focused on understanding the nature of the relationship between SMFB and the organizations it supports. Using this and other data, we anticipate producing a number of papers and reports illustrating the value that SMFB has to the community.