Laura Zamudio

PhD. in Social Sciences. Universidad Iberoamericana. Mexico City.  M.S. in International Economics and Politics. CIDE (Center for Research and Teaching in Economics). Mexico City. Currently she is the Chair of the International Studies Department at Universidad Iberoamericana, where she I also a full professor. She holds the level 1 at the National Research System (National Council for Science and Technology) since 2009. Her research interests are based on the study of International Governmental Organizations, looking to understand its development as organizations with culture and internal logic, beyond the dominant theories in international organizations that sees them as mechanic instruments of the nations . Her most recent book is on this particular topic: An introduction to the study of international governmental organizations. The importance of an interdisciplinary agenda (published by CIDE in 2012 in Spanish). She is also the coeditor of the book An introduction to international relations. Latin America and Global Politics published by Oxford University Press in 2013 (in Spanish). Google Scholar