July 2014 Newsletter

Director's Letter,

We are a bit tardy with our news, not because there is no news but because our fellows and affiliates have been so busy producing news that they have not had much time until recently to record the news. But now that most of us are in the lull between classes, we have time to develop and deliver the news.

This newsletter provides just a brief summary of CORD activities and the related work of affiliates and fellows. CORD has developed new, major projects, including one focusing on an assessment of a food bank alliance's social and economic impacts and another (still being formulated) studying university technology transfer activities. The new NASP project that involves many of you is proceeding apace and the pre-test will be sent out this month. Great strides have also been made in the University Publicness project.  Please note the news of the first CORD research workshop, focusing in this case on crowd-sourced research. This is just in the planning stages and we hope you will be involved. Finally, the website is steadily improving and is already a useful resource. We hope that you will think of the website as a first stop for your own news, ideas, reviews and commentaries. We are thinking about having a feature that presents a query and invites responses. For example: "What do you think is the most valuable academic journal that organizational scholars generally do not read?" or "What is the most important 'next step' for research on [fill in the topic]?" or perhaps "Who are the current doctoral students in your program who are seeking public management or organization studies positions?"  Just examples- I invite you to submit ideas for "starter questions."

There is much going on and we expect that activities will accelerate. However, you can rest easy- we will not be bombarding you with CORD newsletters. You can expect two per year, delivered on no specific schedule.  We will keep the website updated though and we invite you to visit often and to contribute.

Stay in touch!


Dr. Barry Bozeman

Director, Center for Organization Research and Design


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NASP Update

The latest round of the National Administrative Studies Project (NASP-Citizen) is now well underway with more than 20 researchers having provided questionnaire items or methodological ideas.


Fellows Program Successfully Launched

Researchers from around the world accepted their nominations to be CORD Fellows. This group of distinguished researchers provides the core for communicating and participating in CORD data sharing and collaborative research projects.


Dennis Dong to NCCU

NASP has lost one great asset but found another. The project director, CORD postdoc Dennis Dong, has taken a position as an assistant professor at National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taipei, Taiwan.


STEPS Affiliation

ASU's School of Public Affairs is very lucky to have successfully recruited Eric Welch and Mary Feeney. They will be moving their science policy research laboratory to ASU, expanding it and developing it into a full-fledged research center, the Center for Science, Technology and Environmental Policy Studies (STEPS).


STEM Social Mobility Project

One of the most ambitious projects, the CORD project on STEM Careers and Social Mobility, has received a big boost.


Koppell wins Simon Award

For the second year in a row, a CORD affiliate has received the American Political Science Association's Herbert Simon Award for the best book written (during a five year period) in the field of public administration.


CORD Pro Bono Project: St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance Impact Study 

One of the operating premises of CORD is that each year it will perform a pro bono research or evaluation project.

University Publicness Project Hosts Conference
As part of its University Publicness Project, CORD will be hosting an international research conference. The Institutional Design Frontiers (IDF) conference will take place at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center, in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 9-10, 2015. CORD faculty affiliate Derrick Anderson is the project leader for University Publicness and for the conference.


Research Workshop on Crowd Sourced Data and Public Management 

CORD is planning a 2015 Research Workshop focusing on the potentialities of crowd sourced data (e.g. Amazon's Mechanical Turk, among others) for organization research.


Barry Bozeman and Craig Boardman's book Research Collaboration and Team Science: A State-of-the-Art Review and Agenda was published in June by Springer Publishers.

The book is part of the series SpringerBriefs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. IBSN: 978-3-319-06468-0.