Jesper Hansen

Jesper Rosenberg Hansen is Professor (from 2018) at the Department of Management at Aarhus University. Professor Hansen holds a Ph.D. (2010) in Economics and Management and Master is in Business Administration and Philosophy (2004). He has also been working as a civil servant at County Aarhus (2004-2006). His research focuses primarily on sector differences within different management areas. He has done research on strategic management, leadership, innovation, organizational behavior and contracting out. The research is conducted either in public organizations or in comparison with private organizations. He has published in journals such as Administration & SocietyBritish Journal of ManagementInternational Public Management JournalPublic Management Review and Industrial Marketing Management. One of the projects, he works on now is a project on sector switching and sector differences. Here he uses the Danish labor market data that contain data on all individuals and their organizations for a 30 year period which he  combines with survey data to understand how different kind of motives impact sector switching and also to look into general sector differences in key concepts like job preferences, leadership, commitment, job satisfaction and red tape/hierarchy.