Jennie Welch

Dr. Jennie Welch holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Administration and Public Policy from the University of Georgia.  She graduated in August, 2014 and recently defended her dissertation entitled, "Public Finance and Outcomes in Higher Education: Testing Dimensional Publicness."  Jennie also holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Delaware and a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and International Relations from Bucknell University.   Dr. Welch is actively engaged in the public management and education leadership research communities.  Her research interests are at the crossroads of public management, leadership in education, and organizational effectiveness.  Aside from her dissertation, Welch's most recent research collaborations have examined the qualities of effective consulting organizations in partnerships with school districts; the dispositions of highly effective school leaders; and the identification and assessment of public values in the K-12 and higher education sectors. Dr. Welch has collaborated with scholars from the public management, public policy, and education leadership fields, and has presented and published her research across a variety of scholarly and practitioner-based contexts.  Dr. Welch believes her professional calling is to improve organizational effectiveness in our nation's schools, and she has committed herself to that mission through her research, teaching, professional engagements, and public service. She is currently employed by the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing world class leaders who advance student achievement and organizational effectiveness.  In her role at GLISI, Welch collects data to understand customer needs, evaluate market penetration, determine brand perceptions, and analyze competitors to help inform GLISI’s product development and overall business strategy.