Gabel Taggart

Gabel Taggart is an Assistant Professor in the School of Politics, Political Science, and International Studies at the University of Wyoming. Gabel received his PhD in Public Administration and Policy at Arizona State University in 2017. While at ASU Gabel worked in the President’s Office as a research assistant as well as data captain for various national surveys including the National Administrative Studies Project (NASP) in the Center for Organizational Design (CORD), and the GenNet project - an NSF funded national survey on resource inputs to science in the Center for Science, Technology and Environmental Policy Studies (CSTEPS).  His research and teaching focuses on public and nonprofit management, higher education studies, and effective altruism.  His research has been published in Public Administration Review, International Public Management Journal, Public Administration, Innovative Higher Education, American Journal of Distance Education, Social Science Quarterly, Sociological Inquiry, and Review of Public Personnel Management.