First Board of Advisors Meeting, December 10, 2013, Phoenix, AZ

CORD’s first Board of Advisors meeting was held on December 10, 2014 at ASU in Phoenix, AZ. Several advisors contributed to the center’s future plans and the following initiatives discussed are in development stages.  Among the ideas suggested by the Board and now being pursued by CORD:

    • Develop a set of use procedures for the current NASP project.


    • Consider a CORD researcher award, focusing on early career (pre-tenure) researchers.


    • Panels for APPAM and a special pre-conference research workshop for doctoral students at the next PMRC.


    • Investigate a multi-university CORD with CORD serving as a consortium rather than a single-university centered institution.


    • Bring a normative approach to CORD’s work, including but not limited to work on pro bono projects.  Consider “public values” as the centerpiece of normative work.


    • Conduct regular yearly research workshop.


    • Give more attention to policy domains, focusing now on CORD’s strengths in higher education and science and technology policy.

Dr. Stuart Bretschneider, Maxwell School, Syracuse University was elected Chair, Board of Advisors.

It was concluded that CORD Board meetings would occur no more than once per year and perhaps once every two years.  Board members agreed that it may be useful to have a Board meeting at the PMRA Research Conferences inasmuch as many of the Board members attend.