• Michael Ahn is on sabbatical and currently working as a Visiting Professor in the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea. He is serving as the Chair of the Section on Science and Technology in Government (SSTIG) at American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).


  • Sanya Carley- In 2017, Sanya Carley released a report on the macroeconomic effects of fuel economy standards in the U.S., and published several articles on the design and efficacy of the renewable portfolio standard and the changes afoot for state net metering policies. She assumed a managing editor role for the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management and continued to serve as Chair of the Policy Analysis and Public Finance faculty at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She was honored with a Campus Catalyst Excellence in Teaching award and a best paper award, the George I. Treyz Award for Excellence in Economic Analysis.


  • Chung-An Chen- Barry and Chung just recently had a paper accepted by International Public Management Journal. Chen. C. A., Bozeman, B., & Berman, E. M. (2018). The Grass is Greener, but Why? Evidence of Employees’ Perceived Sector Mismatch. International Public Management Journal, accepted for publication. 


  • Alexander Henderson- New Published and Accepted Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals Henderson, A.C., ?icl?u, T., & Balica, D. Perceptions of Discretion in Street-Level Public Service: Examining Administrative Governance in Romania. Forthcoming in Public Performance & Management Review. Link: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15309576.2017.1400987 Promoted to associate professor (with tenure) effective September 1, 2017 Named as Associate Editor, Research Methods, for the Review of Public Personnel Administration (ROPPA)


  • Paul Hirsch- promoted to associate professor with tenure; he has developed a fully online advanced graduate certificate in Environmental Leadership, available through SUNY - ESF's Open Academy. It's now up and running. The Link to the certificate program is gigven below:


              His 2017 publications below (in order of relevance to CORD)

    1. Lash-Marshall, Whitney G., Nomura, C., Eck, K., & Hirsch, P. (2017). Facilitating collaboration across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries: Application of a four-step strategic intervention.  Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies 35, 200-221.
    2. Shockley, K., Lash-Marshall, W. G., Friedman, K. B., & Hirsch, P. D. (2017). Distinguishing collaboration from contribution in environmental research. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences7(2), 336-345.
    3. O’Connor Robinson, M., Selfa, T., & Hirsch, P. (2017). Navigating the Complex Trade-Offs of Pesticide Use on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. Society & Natural Resources, 1-14.
    4. Bressler, A., Vidon, P., Hirsch, P., & Volk, T. (2017). Valuation of ecosystem services of commercial shrub willow (Salix spp.) woody biomass crops. Environmental monitoring and assessment189(4), 137.
    1. Ozusaglam, S., Kesidou, E., and Wong, C.Y. (2018) Performance effects of complementarity between environmental management systems and environmental technologies, International Journal of Production Economics, 197, pp. 112-122
    2. Demirel, P., Iatridis, K., and Kesidou, E. (2018) 'The Impact of Regulatory Complexity upon Self-regulation: Evidence from the Adoption and Certification of Environmental Management Systems' Journal of Environmental Management, 207, pp. 80-91.
    3. Barcia, M. and Kesidou, E. (2017) ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship as strategies for success among Cuban-based firms in the late years of the transatlantic slave trade’. Forthcoming in Business History.
  • Jooho Lee was selected as a President of Section on Korean Public Administration at American Society for Public Administration. This is three-year term position starting in 2018. Kim, Soonhee and Jooho Lee. (Forthcoming).
    1. “Citizen Participation, Process, and Transparency in Local Government: An Exploratory Study,” Policy Studies Journal (https://doi.org/10.1111/psj.12236) Lee, Jooho and Soonhee Kim. (Forthcoming).
    2. “Citizens’ E-Participation on Agenda Setting in Local Governance:  Do Individual Social Capital and E-Participation Management Matter?”  Public Management Review (http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14719037.2017.1340507) Bryan, Tara, Rebecca Lutte, Jooho Lee, Bryce Hoflund, Craig Maher, and Patrick O’Neil. (Forthcoming).
    3. “When Do Online Education Technologies Enhance Student Engagement? A Case of Distance Education at University of Nebraska at Omaha,” Journal of Public Affairs Education Kim, Junghack, Craig Maher, and Jooho Lee. (Forthcoming).
    4. “Does Performance Management Affect Cutback Strategies During Periods of Severe Fiscal Constraints?” Public Money and Management Chen, Yu-Che and Jooho Lee. 2018.
    5. “Collaborative Data Networks for Public Service: Governance, Management, and Performance,” Public Management Review, 20(5): 672-690 (https://doi.org/10.1080/14719037.2017.1305691) Kim, Junghack, Bruce McDonald III, and Jooho Lee. 2018.
    6. “The Nexus of State and Local Capacity in Vertical Policy Diffusion,” American Review of Public Administration, 48(2): 188-200. DOI: 10.1177/0275074016675966 Xian Gao and Jooho Lee. 2017.
    7. “E-Government Services and Social Media Adoption: Experience of Small Local Governments in Nebraska State,” Government Information Quarterly, 34(4): 627-634 (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.giq.2017.09.005) Cullen Merritt Borry, Erin L., Leisha Dehart-Davis, Wesley Kaufmann, Cullen C. Merritt, Zachary T. Mohr, Lars Tummers. (Forthcoming).
    8. “Formalization and Consistency Heighten Organizational Rule Following: Experimental and Survey Evidence”. Public Administration. Sundt, Jody, Kathryn Schwaeble, Cullen C. Merritt. (Forthcoming).
    9. “Good Governance, Political Experiences, and Public Support for Mandatory Sentencing: Evidence from a Progressive US State”. Punishment and Society. Merritt, Cullen C., Morgan D. Farnworth, Matt R. Kienapple. (Forthcoming)
    10. “Developing Organizational Leaders to Manage Publicness: A Conceptual Framework”. Journal of Public Affairs Education.


  • Alex Murdock- New book Private Action for Public Purpose Examining the Growth of Falck, the World’s Largest Rescue Company


  • Sheela Pandey- AWARDS 2018 USASBE Annual Conference John Jack Award for overall best paper dealing with entrepreneurship by women or minorities or under conditions of adversity 2018 Review of Public Personnel Administration Best Article of 2017 Award 2017 Academy of Management Winner of Charles H. Levine Award for Best Conference Paper in the Public and Nonprofit Division PUBLICATIONS Pandey, Sheela, Cordes, Joseph, Pandey, Sanjay K, and Winfrey, William. 2018. The Use of Social Impact Bonds to Address Social Problems: Understanding Contractual Risks and Transaction Costs. Nonprofit Management and Leadership. doi: 10.1002/nml.21307 Pandey, Sheela and Pandey, Sanjay K.  2017.  Applying Natural Language Processing Capabilities in Computerized Textual Analysis to Measure Organizational Culture.  Organizational Research Methods. doi: 10.1177/1094428117745648 Pandey, Sheela, Kim, Mirae, and Pandey, Sanjay K. 2017. Do Mission Statements Matter for Nonprofit Performance? Insights from a Study of US Performing Arts Organizations. Nonprofit Management and Leadership 27(3): 389–410. Pandey, Sheela, Lall, Saurabh, Pandey, Sanjay K and Ahlawat, Sucheta. 2017.  The Appeal of Social Accelerators: What do Social Entrepreneurs Value? Journal of Social Entrepreneurship 8(1): 88-109. Pandey, Sheela, Pandey, Sanjay K., and Miller, Larry. 2017. Measuring Innovativeness of Public Organizations: Using Natural Language Processing Techniques. International Public Management Journal 20(1): 78-107. Kim, Mirae, Pandey, Sheela, and Pandey, Sanjay K. 2017. Why do Nonprofit Performing Art Organizations Offer Free Public Access? Public Administration Review.  DOI: 10.1111/puar.12769. Breslin, Rachel A., Pandey, Sheela, and Riccucci, Norma M. 2017. Intersectionality in Public Leadership Research: A Review and Future Research Agenda.  Review of Public Personnel Administration 37(2): 160–182. Winner of Review of Public Personnel Administration Best Article of 2017 Award Pandey, Sanjay K., Pandey, Sheela, and Van Ryzin, Gregg. 2017. Prospects for Experimental Approaches to Research on Bureaucratic Red Tape. In Experiments in Public Management Research Edited by Oliver James, Sebastian Jilke, and Gregg Van Ryzin (pp. 219-243), Cambridge University Press. Pandey, Sanjay K., Pandey, Sheela, Breslin, Rachel, and Broadus, Erica. 2017. Public Service Motivation Research Program: Key Challenges and Future Prospects. In Foundations of Public Administration, Edited by Jos Raadschelders and Richard Stillman (pp. 314-332), Irvine, CA: Melvin and Leigh.  


  • Yves Schemeil- Keynote speeches: 2017. “Une the?orie des re?seaux inter-organisationnels”, CEPCI, University Laval, 9 November
    1. “Internet Governance in Political Science: A benign neglect?”, University of Salerno, Italy, 12 octobre.
    2. “Between sociology and economics: A room for political psychology in French political science?”, PACTE, Grenoble, October 2, 2017
    3. “Undiplomatic ties: How Internet blocks Intermediation”, Paris, Hotel de Lauzun, opening lecture, 30 March, the Paris 4 Internet network (to be published as Global Internet Governance as a Diplomacy Issue, ed. By M. Marzouki at Rowman & Littlefield, in the Digital Technologies and Global Politics series)

Working papers

    1. “How Bureaucratic are Global Networks? Complex Publicness in International Organizations”, ECPR General Conference, Oslo, September 6.
    2. “Networking and Leadership in International Organizations: the Challenge of Migration”, IPSA Wolrd Congress, Poznan (Poland), July.


  • Jean-Claude Thoenig- Publications : Paradeise Catherine and Jean-Claude Thoenig. 2014.  “Organizational Governance and the Production of Academic Quality: Lessons from Two Top U.S. Research Universities”.  Minerva,  vol. 52, n° 4: 381-417. Paradeise C., Thoenig J.C., Mignot-Gérard S., Biland E., Delemarle A. and G. Goastellec. 2014.  “Relevance and Excellence in Higher Education Vocational Schools.  Business Schools as Institutional Actors”. In Pettigrew A.M., Cornuel E. and U. Hommel (eds). The Institutional Development of Business Schools. London, Oxford University Press: 126-51. Paradeise Catherine and Jean-Claude Thoenig.  A) 2015. In Search of Academic Quality. London: Palgrave—MacMillan. B) 2017. En Busca de la Calidad Academica. Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Económica. Thoenig Jean-Claude and  Catherine Paradeise. 2016. « Strategic Capacity and Organizational Capabilities: A Challenge for Universities». In  Minerva, vol. 54, n° 3 : 293-324. Thoenig Jean-Claude. 2016. « Developing Top Academic Institutions to Support Innovation ».  In Stefan Schepers and Klaus Gretschmann (eds). Revolutionizing EU Innovation Policy: Pioneering the Future. London: Palgrave-MacMillan: 259-282. Paradeise Catherine (with Bloch R., Mitterle A. and T. Peter (co-eds). 2017. Universities and the production of Elites, Discourses, Policies, and Strategies of Excellence and Stratification in Higher Education. Palgrave Studies in Global Higher Education, London : Palgrave-MacMillan. Also two chapters in this book : with Bloch R., Mitterle A. Paradeise C. and T. Peter. « Introduction: Universities and the Production of Elites », and Paradeise C. « How Effective Have Reform Policies Been in Redesigning the French Higher Education and Research System? » Paradeise Catherine. 2017. « Government, Stakeholders and Interest Groups ». In J.C. Shin and P. Teixeira (co-eds). Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions. Springer, on-line. Paradeise Catherine. 2017. « The French Higher Education Field ». In J.C. Shin and P. Teixeira (co-eds). Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions, Springer, on-line Paradeise Catherine. 2017. « Research Universities ». In J.C. Shin and P. Teixeira (co-eds). Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions. Springer, on-line. Paradeise Catherine. 2017. « The French HER System and the Issue of Evaluation », Italian Political Science Assoxiation, Special Issue on Assessment in Europe, ISSN 2420-8434, on-line https://italianpoliticalscience.com/2017/06/01/12_2_3/. Thoenig Jean-Claude and Catherine Paradeise. 2018. “Higher Education Institutions as Strategic Actors”. The European Review (special issue), Cambridge University Press, vol. 1 : 1-13.  



  • Judith L. Walls- The big news here at NTU Singapore is that Nicole Darnall is visiting for two months (as of tomorrow).