Fellow news

Robert K. Christensen is the new doctoral program director at the University of Georgia, Department of Public Administration and Policy.

 Cullen C. Merritt recently completed his PhD at the University of Kansas and has accepted a position as an assistant professor at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

In April, Étienne Charbonneau was awarded a grant for new professors by the Quebec Research Fund on Society and Culture for 2014-2017. His project is on the analytical use of performance indicators by municipal managers in Ontario. Designed to jump-start research in the early phases of one’s career, the $39,366 grant is assorted with a 25 percent teaching reduction load.

Jorge Culebro has published his new book, “Introducción al estudio de la regulación Desarrollo del Estado Regulador en México. Regulación y NGP”. Juan Pablos Editores. UAM-Cuajimalpa. México (2013). Dr. Culebro will start his sabbatical period this fall at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory in the University of Bergen, Norway, working on this project for 6-12 months: Coordination and new forms of regulation in the public sector. Reforms to the social welfare systems.

Edmund Stazyk’s article with H. George Frederickson and Alisa Moldavanova was recently selected for the 2014 Wilder School Award for Scholarship in Social Equity and Public Policy Analysis. A full citation to the article appears below:

Stazyk, Edmund C., Alisa Moldavanova, and H. George Frederickson. (Forthcoming). “Sustainability, Intergenerational Social Equity, and the Socially Responsible Organization.” Administration & Society, first published on January 24, 2014 as doi: 10.1177/0095399713519094.

Zachary Oberfield’s book, Becoming Bureaucrats: Socialization at the Front Lines of Government Service (University of Pennsylvania Press) is coming out on June 20, 2014.

David Van Slyke’s book “Complex Contracting: Government Purchasing in the Wake of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Deepwater Program” with co-authors Trevor Brown and Matthew Potoski and published by Cambridge University Press has won the Section on Public Administration Research (SPAR) annual book award for public administration scholarship. The SPAR Book Award Selection Committee said the book's “important research, high-quality writing, will have a significant and lasting contribution to the public administration literature, with strong impact on the practice of public administration.”