Eva Witesman

Eva M. Witesman, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of public management at the Romney Institute of Public Management, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University. Dr. Witesman’s research centers primarily on the differences between the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. Among the dimensions she examines are 1) public service values and the ways in which expectations of government institutions differ based on sector, 2) institutional differences between the sectors, including the economic justifications for the presence of markets, nonprofits, and government, 3) nonprofit institutional choice, including both why entrepreneurs might select to incorporate as a for-profit or nonprofit and why government might choose to contract with one form over another, and 4) characteristics of the nonprofit sector, including the effect of the nondistribution clause on the behaviors of organizational actors. In addition to her research on sector differences, Dr. Witesman also examines topics of more general interest across sectors, including public program evaluation and institutional analysis. Among her other work, she is currently a consultant for the State of Utah working to implement a statewide program evaluation initiative intended to enhance government innovation and efficiency.