On the economic impact of university proof of concept centers


University proof of concept centers (PoCCs) are an organizational innovation intended to improve the dissemination and commercialization of new knowledge. During the past 15 years, at least 32 university-affiliated PoCCs have been established at universities within the United States. Despite this recent growth, little systematic empirical research exists relating to the organization or impact of PoCCs. Analyzing data published by the Association of University Technology Managers, we find that universities affiliated with a PoCC enjoy a positive and statistically significant increase in the number of spinoffs established each year after adoption. While additional research is needed, our findings are consistent with the presumption that PoCCs may offer a promising new tool for regional and national economic development.

Full Paper 

Hayter, C. S. & Link, A. N. (2015). On the economic impact of university proof of concept centers. The Journal of Technology Transfer, 40 (1), 178-183.