Data sharing

Data Sharing: Dissemination

A primary objective of CORD is to promote the development and dissemination of data pertaining to public, nonprofit and hybrid organizations as well as public management. Some of the available data sets focus on a wide variety of organization types, whereas others are focused specifically on knowledge-based organizations, especially universities and academic researchers. Another role of CORD is to provide a central depository for data developed elsewhere. Anyone interested in having CORD house its data (exclusively or non-exclusive) can submit a "data sharing request" form. Contributors must warrant their ownership of the data and their rights to dissemination. In some cases, CORD staff will provide data cleaning services and will assist in the development of codebooks and in the provision of data in multiple formats. To request either a dataset or codebook please fill out the request form. For data that CORD collects (e.g., NASP Data), CORD retains sole access for a period of one year after the data are cleaned and documented. CORD faculty, Board of Advisors, affiliates, and students who are involved in the collection or financing of the data (and individuals who partner with them) may register and access to the data during this time. At the end of the year, the data will be made available for public use, provided that individuals register for access. The following databases are available upon request.

National Administrative Studies Project - Citizen vs. Public Manager Comparisons (NASP - C)

Individuals must register in order to use the data.  Individuals must agree not to distribute the data to other users or coauthors.  All data requests must be made directly to CORD from each researcher using the data.  Unauthorized data use and/or distribution may result in restrictions on future data access and use. CORD will not provide technical in the use or analysis of the data. Description: Survey is currently being constructed. We are in the process of collecting data and developing data sharing policies.

Request for NASP-C Data

Archived: National Administrative Studies Project - III (NASP - III)

Description: The NASP - III dataset contains 1,220 valid responses of public and nonprofit managers from Georgia and Illinois. Topics addressed in this dataset include: red tape, work-related attitudes, motivation, career trajectories, and mentoring theories.

Request for NASP-III Data

Archived: National Administrative Studies Project - Decision Making (NASP - DM)

Description: dataset contains 833 valid responses of government employees from Indiana and Nevada. Topics addressed in this dataset include: individual decision-making, creativity and innovation, belief in a just world, discount rate, job satisfaction, and risk preference.

Request for NASP-DM Data