Course Announcement: Higher Education Policy with Barry Bozeman

Course announcement:




Spring 2016


Tempe Campus, Building LL, Room 114


Tuesday 6pm-8:45pm


Instructor: Professor Barry Bozeman


Higher Education Policy (PAF 591) is a multi-faceted course that gives particular emphasis to one broad topic: the tension between “public values” governance of universities and university financial viability, especially market-based aspects of universities. With respect to universities-in-the-marketplace, the course examines policies and practices pertaining to four diverse revenue sources for universities:

    • Technology-based economic development- university intellectual property, patents, licensing and technology transfer


    • Policy for research and development grants and contracts


    • Profits at for-profit universities vs. tuition-based revenue at public and nonprofit universities.


    • “Big Time Sports,” especially the revenue producing sports

The course will in many instances use ASU as a case-in-point and will feature interviews with high level administrators and policy-makers at ASU (but also with leaders from other universities and from relevant government and business entities).

PAF 591 is designed for both masters’ level and doctoral level students but the assignments will be somewhat different. Whereas masters’ students’ performance will chiefly be based on exam performance, a policy briefing paper, and seminar participation, doctoral students will be expected to engage in original research, either qualitative, quantitative or both, in teams or separately.

Required books:

Bok, D. (2009). Universities in the marketplace: The commercialization of higher education. Princeton University Press.

Crow, M. M., & Dabars, W. B. (2015). Designing the new American university. JHU Press. [Note: course will include a Q&A session with President Crow focused on his book].

Professor Bozeman is Arizona Centennial Professor of Technology Policy and Public Management, School of Public Affairs, and Director of the Center for Organization Research and Design. Bozeman has published books and research papers on higher education policy, university science and technology policy, public values theory, and sports policy. His academic career has included diverse roles in administrative leadership and institution building.