Cordite News, March 2016

Agnes Akkerman, member of CORD Board of Advisors, won a Dutch National Science Foundation grant of 1.5 million Euros for her research into employee voice in organizations and the way organizations adapt institutions for voice and employee participation in order to create sustainable employment relations.

Kaye Husbands Fealing, Member of CORD Board of Advisors, is giving a symposium on the Science of Broadening Participation in STEM Fields and the Workforce, which is funded by a $140,000 NSF grant (SciSIP program).  Please see the SoBP description and SoBP agenda.

She also published Pathways vs Pipelines to Broadening Participation in the STEM workforce, Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering.

Mary Tyszkiewicz, CORD Fellow, has been documenting the use of improvisation for social good since 2011. She is a small-group innovation expert and impact evaluator.  Her curriculum for improv for disaster is called Heroic Improvisation.  (  Results of her research will be published in her forthcoming book, “Play for Real: How Small Groups Confidently Tackle High-Stakes Events with Caring and Working Together.” The book describes how small-group innovation abilities work in accidents, disasters and emergencies.  She has case studies and survey data from Filipino disaster survivors, Central American child migrants and American disaster volunteers. Mary is looking for collaborators and strategic partners for two social innovation projects. The first project is developing the small group innovation abilities of Filipino youth to prepare their communities to be more resilient to climate change. This project was a finalist in the 2015 Open IDEO Amplify Challenge. The second project seeks to help students (K-12 and university) develop community resilience to high-stakes events like disasters and active threats from lone gunman or terrorist events.

Zachary Oberfield, CORD Fellow, published the following article with Sergio Fernandez, Bill Resh, and Tima Moldogaziev - "Assessing the Past and Promise of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey for Public Management Research: A Research Synthesis”, which won the 2015 William E. Mosher and Frederick C. Mosher Award for the best Public Administration Review article by an academic.

Andrew Whitford, CORD Fellow, published the following article:

Robert Christensen, CORD Fellow, has taken a new position as an associate professor at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management in their MPA Program, the George W. Romney Institute of Public Management.

Paur Hirsch, CORD Fellow, has been asked to lead a team that will advise and support the next phase of the State University of New York's “Networks of Excellence" Initiative. Hirsch’s team will develop and evaluate processes, procedures, and specific interventions to support team collaboration across the SUNY system towards the goal of successfully competing for large “center-type” grants. Examples include NSF’s Science and Technology Centers and Engineering Research Centers and DOE’s Energy Frontier Research Centers. The work of Hirsch and his team has been cited in the journal Nature

Also see:

Nicole Darnall, CORD associate director, had the following articles published or accepted for publication:

    • Arimura T., Darnall N., Ganguli R., Katayama H. 2016. The effect of ISO 14001 on environmental performance: resolving equivocal findings. Journal of Environmental Management, 166(15) 556-566. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2015.10.032.


    • Kim Y. & Darnall N. Business as a collaborative partner: understanding firms’ socio-political support for policy formation. Public Administration Review. DOI: 10.1111/puar.12463. London School of Economics profiled this research in LSE Business Review: “Business-government collaboration may help solve complex social issues.”


    • Ferrón-Vílchez V. & Darnall N. Forthcoming. Two are better than one: The link between management systems and business performance. Business Strategy and the Environment. DOI: 10.1002/bse.1864.

Consumer Reports interviewed her in December 2015 regarding her ecolabel research. She delivered three executive education courses to public sector administrators, managers, and leaders (in cooperation with ASU’s Bob Ramsey Executive Education and the Global Institute of Sustainability) on “Assimilating Sustainability into Public Service.”

Christopher Hayter, CORD Affiliate, had the following articles published or accepted for publication:

    • Hayter, C.S. 2016. Constraining entrepreneurial development: A knowledge-based view of social networks among academic entrepreneurs. Research Policy, 45: 475-490.


    • Hayter, C.S. A trajectory of early-stage spinoff success: The role of knowledge intermediaries within an entrepreneurial university ecosystem. Small Business Economics (forthcoming 2016).


    • Hayter, C.S. A social responsibility view of ‘formal’ university technology transfer: Motivating knowledge dissemination? Duquesne Law Review (forthcoming, Spring 2016).


    • Hayter, C.S. and J.H. Rooksby, A legal perspective on university technology transfer. Journal of Technology Transfer (forthcoming, 2016).

Lily Hsueh, CORD Affiliate, was recently awarded a National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration - Economics & Human Dimensions research grant to collaborate with NOAA economists on a series of papers that examine the economics and institutional efficacy of the introduction of catch share management (a cap and trade policy in fisheries/ocean and marine resources). Her forthcoming paper, which is conditionally accepted in International Interactions is titled, “Transnational Climate Governance and the Global 500: Examining Private Actor Participation by Firm-Level Factors and Dynamics.” Hsueh’s recent and upcoming conference presentations include:

    • “Transnational Climate Governance and the Global 500: Examining Private Actor Participation by Firm-Level Factors and Dynamics,” at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS) coinciding with the second day of the week-long UN climate talks (COP21) in Paris. Moreover, Hsueh authored a policy brief based on the same research for the Brookings Institution's TechTank Blog.


    • “Do Global Businesses that Join Voluntary Climate Initiatives Emit Less Carbon? Explaining Firm Participation and Carbon Emissions by Internal Firm-Level Factors and Dynamics,” Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 5th Annual Summer Conference, Breckenridge, Colorado, June 9-11, 2016.


    • “The Potential of Transnational Climate Governance: Linking Institutional Origin and Design to Impacts and Effectiveness (co-authored with Stefan Renckens),” as part of a self-organized paper session on “Transnational Private Governance and Sustainability: Linking Governance with Effectiveness, Impact, and Compliance,” International Studies Association Annual Convention, Atlanta, GA, March 16-19, 2016.


    • “What Explains Participation and Effort in Voluntary Carbon Disclosure by Global Businesses? An Analysis of Internal Firm Factors and Dynamics,” International Studies Association Annual Convention, Atlanta, GA, March 16-19, 2016.


    • “The Potential of Transnational Climate Governance: Linking Institutional Origin and Design to Impacts and Effectiveness,” invited for presentation at the 2016 Environmental Politics and Governance Conference, Gerzensee, Switzerland, June 16-19, 2016.