CORD Leadership

Associate Director Nicole Darnall

On sabbatical- Book Chapters

Darnall N, Welch E, Cho S & Duscha M. Forthcoming. Regulation and sustainable supply chain management. Sarkis J (ed.) Sustainable Supply Chain Handbook. Edward Elgar. Darnall N, Hsueh L, Stritch J, Bretschneider S. 2018. Environmental purchasing in the City of Phoenix. Garren SJ, Brinkman R. (eds.) Handbook of Sustainability: Case Studies and Practical Solutions. London: Palgrave Macmillan. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-71389-2. Academic Journal Articles Stritch, JM, Darnall N, Bretschneider S, Hsueh L. Forthcoming. Green technology firms and sustainable public purchasing. IEEE Engineering Management Review. DOI: 10.1109/EMR.2018.2810080 Darnall N, Ji H & Vazquez-Brust D. Forthcoming. Third-party certification, sponsorship and consumers’ ecolabel use. Journal of Business Ethics. DOI: 10.1007/s10551-016-3138-2 Ji H & Darnall N. 2017. All are not created equal: assessing the design features of local sustainability programs. Public Management Review 20(1), 154-175. DOI: 10.1080/14719037.2017.1293147 Darnall N, Ji H, Potoski M. 2017. Institutional design of ecolabels: Sponsorship signals rule strength. Regulation & Governance 11(4), 438-450. DOI:10.1111/rego.12166 Ferrón-Vílchez V, Darnall N, Aragón-Correa JA. 2017. Stakeholder influences on the design of firms’ environmental practices. Journal of Cleaner Production 142(4), 3370-3381. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.10.129

Practitioner Articles (editor reviewed)

Burwell C, Darnall N. 2017. Want a successful sustainable purchasing policy? Six policy elements that cities should know. Professional Purchasing 45(11/12), 14-15. Darnall N, Stritch JM, Bretschneider S, Hsueh L, No W. 2017. Going green on purchasing: eight practices to reduce environmental impacts. Public Management Magazine 99(8), 28-29. Darnall N, Stritch JM, Bretschneider S, Hsueh L, No W. 2017. Five practices to help cities green their purchasing. Cities Speak, August 25. Darnall N, Stritch JM, Bretschneider S, Hsueh L, No W. 2017. How cities are addressing climate change through sustainable purchasing. Public Administration Review, Speak your mind symposium on climate change and public administration. July 18. Darnall N, Stritch JM, Bretschneider S, Hsueh L, No W. 2017. US cities buy-green schemes reduce their environmental liabilities and costs. LSE Business Review. June 29.


Darnall N, Stritch JM, Bretschneider S, Hsueh L, Duscha M, Iles J, No W, Suarez J, Burwell C. 2017. Advancing Green Purchasing in Local Governments. Phoenix: Arizona State University, Center for Organization Research and Design, Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative. Darnall N, Bretschneider S, Stritch J, Hsueh L, Duscha M, Iles J. 2017. City of Phoenix’s Environmental Procurement Policy: Focus Group Findings and Recommendations. Phoenix: Arizona State University, Center for Organization Research and Design.

Invited Presentations

Macquarie University School of Business (Sydney, Australia); University of Queensland School of Business (Brisbane, Australia); Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Kyoto, Japan), Kobe University Department of Economics (Kobe, Japan); Nanzan University Faculty of Global Liberal Studies (Nagoya, Japan); EcoPro 2017, Japan Environment Association and Ministry of Environment (Japan, Tokyo); Kyoto University Graduate School of Economics (Kyoto, Japan); Waseda University Institute for Political Economy (Tokyo, Japan); Waseda University Research Institute for Environmental Economics and Management (Tokyo, Japan); Ministry of Environment Japan (Tokyo, Japan); University of Washington Center for Environmental Politics (Seattle, WA); Greenhealth Exchange (Phoenix, AZ) Conference Presentations Association for Policy Analysis and Management (2) Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Research Director, Stuart Bretschneider

Appointed the editorial board of the new Public Management Research Association’s journal – Perspectives on Public Management and Governance Continued to work in the Sustainable Procurement Research Initiative (SPRI) along with Nicole, Justin and Lily which included (all the below items include Nicole, Justin, Lily  and Won No)

  1. Contributing “US Cities buy green: Schemes reduce their environmental liabilities and costs,” to the London School of Economics’ Business Blog
  2. Contributing “Five practices to help cities green their purchasing,” for the Cityspeaks Blog of the National League of Cities
  3. Contributing “Eight practices to reduce environmental impacts,” Public Management Magazine of ICMA
  4. Complete the CORD pro-bono project with the city of Phoenix, “City of Phoenix’s Environmental Procurement Policy Focus Group Findings and Recommendation.”

Co-hosting with SPA the Servicizing website developed by US EPA – from the webcite:  “Manufacturers and other companies have uncovered new value for customers, the environment, and themselves through "servicizing." Also known as "product service systems," servicizing involves offering and charging customers for the function of a product rather than the product itself. For example, when we subscribe to an internet music streaming service, we pay for listening to music instead of paying to own CDs. This typically leads to fewer products being produced, production of higher quality goods, and customers using only what they need. The Arizona State University Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative (SPRI) has developed this website in partnership with EPA's Office of Policy as a means to share existing knowledge about the outcomes and lessons learned from servicizing approaches. We invite you to contribute relevant key findings and lessons learned regarding how servicizing approaches can be used in both the private and public sector to reduce waste while increasing value to companies and customers. Submitted new grant proposal to NSF along with Elizabeth Corley on “How do career trajectories of non-US Citizens who return home differ from those who do not return?"

Assistant Director for Strategy & Planning, Derrick Anderson

Derrick Anderson and Andy Whitford co-edited a virtual issue of JPART on a topic of central importance to CORD: the public administration of knowledge organizations. You can access the issue here:

Senior Research Affiliate, Justin Stritch

Justin Stritch will give the keynote speech at UNC-Charlotte's Political Science Department awards dinner in April 2018.