Bozeman awarded NSF grant to study role of scientific and technical information in science policy

Credibility and Use of Scientific and Technical Information in Policy Making: An Analysis of the Information Bases of the National Research Council’s Committee Reports

Authors: Barry Bozeman, Arizona State University and Jan Yountie, Georgia Institute of Technology

National Science Foundation, Science of Science and Innovation Policy, Award #1262251

There is little understanding of the use of scientific and technical information (STI) in high-level policy-making. This study explores the use and impacts of STI focusing on an important database of knowledge: National Research Council reports. The authors evaluating the questions:

-  Does the perception of the limited use of formal scientific and technical information accord with empirical reality?

-  What types of information “compete” with STI for inclusion in science policy making?

-  How does the choice of information relate to the use and impacts of science policy reports and recommendations?


For more information on the project you can download the PowerPoint here:NSF-STI-Presentation.pptx