Board, Faculty, Fellow, and Affiliated Student Updates - Fall 2015

Board members

Agnes Akkerman

Appointed Professor of Sustainable Co-operation at the RUG: The University of Groningen (the Netherlands) has appointed Agnes Akkerman as James Coleman Professor of Sustainable Co-operation, with a focus on collective labor relations. Besides her position of Professor at the University of Groningen, Agnes Akkerman will continue her work at VU University Amsterdam.


Nicole Darnall - (CORD faculty & Associate Director)

During the 2014-2015 academic year, Nicole Darnall was promoted from associate professor to professor. She was co-collaborator on a $1,949,788 NSF grant (2014-2017 - Resilient Interdependent Infrastructure Processes and Systems Type 2: Resilience Simulation for Water, Power & Road Networks). Additionally, she was invited to deliver a 3-day workshop on Sustainable enterprise: strategic value, approaches and policy outcomes at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Institute of Management, Pisa, Italy, and had the following papers published (or accepted for publication):

    • Kim Y & Darnall N. Forthcoming. Business as a collaborative policy partner: understanding firms’ socio political support for mandatory regulation. Public Administration Review.


    • Ferrón-Vilchez V & Darnall N. Forthcoming. Two are better than one: The link between management systems and business performance. Business Strategy and the Environment. DOI: 10.1002/bse.1864


    • Barnett M, Darnall N & Husted B. 2015. Sustainability in constrained economic times. Long Range Planning, 48(2), 63-68.


    • Lin H & Darnall N. 2015. Strategic alliance formation and structural configuration. Journal of Business Ethics. 127, 549-564.


    • Darnall N & Aragón-Correa JA. 2014. Can ecolabels influence firms’ sustainability strategy and stakeholder behaviors? Organization & Environment, 27(4), 319-327.


    • Darnall N & Milstein MB. 2014. Damaí Lovina Villas: can eco-standards and certification create competitive advantage for a luxury resort? (with teaching note). Case Research Journal, 34(3), 1-20.


    • Ferrón-Vilchez V, Darnall N, Ignacio Leyva-de la Hiz D. 2014. Complementary link between quality and environmental management systems and business performance. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings 2014:1 15802, doi:10.5465/AMBPP.2014.15802abstract.


    • Darnall N & Milstein MB. 2015Can eco-standards and certification create competitive advantage for a luxury resort? (with teaching note). Parsa HG, Narapareddy V, Jang S, Segarra-Ona M, Chen RJC, (eds.), Sustainability in Hospitality-Tourism. New York: CRC Press, 1-45. Reprinted from Case Research Journal, 34(3), 1-20.

Gregory Dawson

    • Received a grant from the IBM Business of Government to study innovation in the federal government.


    • Published a paper on the differences between public sector and private sector CIOs in Decision Support Systems (DSS).(published with Kevin Desouza)

    • Published six articles in Brookings and one article in InformationWeek on various topics including public sector cybersecurity, business-IT alignment and the Internet of Things (IoT).


    • Submitted two papers on public sector innovation to top IS journals. One is under first round review at the Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS) and the second is a revise and resubmit to the Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS).


    • Submitted a paper on IT governance in the public sector to the Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS).


    • Participated in various podcasts on the Dorobek Insider on the topic of public sector innovation.

Kevin Desouza (I have completed this project and the report is scheduled to be released by the end of July...)




    • Slate article


Mary Feeney

    • Elected to the Public Management Research Association Board of Directors


    • Invited to join the editorial board of the International Public Management Journal


    • Newest Publication: Feeney, M.K. and Julie Langer. (2015). Getting Ahead in the Public Sector: Perceptions of Managers in US Municipalities. American Review of Public Administration. doi:10.1177/0275074015570037

Glenn Hoetker

Glenn Hoetker's paper, “Alliance experience and governance flexibility,” with Jongkuk Lee and Bill Qualls, is forthcoming in Organization Science.  Glenn and his co-authors find that firms with more experience in alliances are better able to protect their interests no matter how an alliance is structure.  Thus, alliance experience allows firms to be more flexible in how they structure their alliances, which provides competitive advantage by enabling firms to form advantageous alliances that are less available to inexperienced competitors.

Lily Hsueh

    • New publication: Hsueh, Lily. 2015. “Regulatory Effectiveness and the Long-Run Policy Horizon: The Case of U.S. Toxic Chemical Use.” Environmental Science & Policy 52 (October): 6–22. doi:10.1016/j.envsci.2015.04.022.


    • Lily will be spending the month of July as a Visiting Scholar at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan, visiting the NTU Political Science Department and the Risk Society and Policy Research Center.

Laurie Mook

New book:

Mook, Laurie, John Whitman, Jack Quarter & Ann Armstrong (2015). Understanding the Social Economy of the United States. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 416 pp.


Etienne Charbonneau

Now an associate professor at the École nationale d’administration publique

Jooho Lee

    • will be tenured and promoted to an associate professor from August, 2015


    • has served as associate director of Global Digital Governance Lab ( since Spring 2015

Current Research Projects

    • Smart Urban Cities/Communities: Leveraging Information and Communication Technologies for Improving Local Public Services (with Dr. Yu-Che Chen and Dr. Robert Blair)

Recent publications

    • Changsoo Song and Jooho Lee. (Forthcoming). “Use of Social Media in Government, Perceived Transparency, and Trust in Government,” Public Performance and Management Review


    • Hamm, Joe, Jooho Lee, Rick Trinkner, Twila Wingrove, Steve Leben, and Christina Breuer (Forthcoming). “On the Cross Domain Scholarship of Trust in the Institutional Context,” In Shockley, Ellie, Tess Neal, Lisa PytlikZillig, and Brian Bornstein (eds.), Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Trust: Towards Theoretical and Methodological Integration, New York City: Springer Publishing.


    • Lee, Jooho (Forthcoming). “E-government Impacts in Korea: Lessons and Recommendations for Developing Countries” In Soonhee Kim, Changyong Choi, and Tina George (eds.), The Korean Digital Government Experience: Reflections and Implications for Developing Countries, Washington D.C: World Bank Publication


    • Jooho Lee and B.J. Reed. (2015). “From Paper to Cloud,” In Mary Guy and Marilyn Rubin (eds.), Public Administration Evolving: From Foundations to the Future, pp. 158-190. New York: Routledge


    • Lee, Jooho and Soonhee Kim. (2014). “Impacts of Participatory Budgeting on Transparency and Public Trust in Government in Korea,” In Soonhee Kim (ed.), Transparency, and Public Trust in Government: Participatory Budgeting in Local Government in Korea (in English), Seoul, Korea: Korea Development Institute.


    • Kim, Soonhee and Jooho Lee. (2014). “Citizen Participation and Success Factors of Effective Citizen Participation Programs,” In Soonhee Kim (ed.), Citizen Participation, Transparency, and Public Trust in Government: Participatory Budgeting in Local Government in Korea (in English), Seoul, Korea: Korea Development Institute.

Zach Oberfield

    • Becoming Bureaucrats: Socialization at the Front Lines of Government Service (University of Pennsylvania Press), won the 2015 Best Book Award from the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management


    • "Accounting for Time: Comparing Temporal and Atemporal Analyses of the Business Case for Diversity Management", won the American Society for Public Administration’s William and Frederick C. Mosher Award for the outstanding academic article published in Public Administration Review in the preceding year

Shuyang Peng- Now a fellow!

Earned her Ph.D. from Rutgers University- Newark this May, and will start as an assistant professor in School of Public Administration at University of New Mexico in September

Edmund Stazyk

Joined the Department of Public Administration and Policy in the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at the University at Albany (SUNY)

New publications, several of these are co-authored with Randy Davis, who is also a CORD fellow

    • Davis, Randall S., and Edmund C. Stazyk. (Forthcoming). “Examining the Links between Senior Managers’ Engagement in Networked Environments and Goal and Role Ambiguity.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.


    • Stazyk, Edmund C. (Forthcoming). “The Prevalence of Reinvention Reforms in Local Governments and Their Relationship with Organizational Goal Clarity and Employee Job Satisfaction.” Public Performance & Management Review.


    • Davis, Randall S., Amanda M. Girth, and Edmund C. Stazyk. (Forthcoming). “The Social and Technical Determinants of Perceived Contract Performance: Rules, Autonomy, and Ethics.” Public Performance & Management Review.


    • Stazyk, Edmund C., and Randall S. Davis. (Forthcoming). “Taking the ‘High Road’: Does Public Service Motivation Alter Ethical Decision Making Processes?” Public Administration, first published on February 12, 2015 as doi: 10.1111/padm.12158.

Trui Steen

Over 30 academics from Europe, US, Africa and Asia met June 9-10 at the third meeting of the IIAS Study Group on Coproduction of Public Services.  The meeting was hosted by prof. Taco Brandsen and his team from Radboud University Nijmegen. A mini-documentary shot at the seminar is now online.

In 2016, there will be another chance to share work on co-production at the fourth meeting of the IIAS Study Group. Information on data, place and call for papers is to follow. Information on the Study Group can be found at the website of IIAS (International Institute of Administrative Sciences) or by contacting the Study Group chair, Trui Steen (

Lars Tummers

    • Promoted to associate professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam




David Van Slyke

    • Now serves as the associate dean and chair of the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs



    • Recognized with the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus in Public Administration and Policy award from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany, State University of New York



Andrew Whitford


    • Above Politics: Bureaucratic Discretion and Credible Commitment, with Gary J. Miller. Cambridge University Press. Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions Series. Will appear Fall 2015.


    • Principal Investigator, “Evidence about Implementing Agile: The 18F Experience.” IBM Center for the Business of Government. 2015-2016. $20,000.


    • Member, Advisory Panel for the Federal Leaders Digital Insight Study, National Academy of Public Administration, 2015-present

Affiliated students

Muhammad Azfar Nisar

    • Nisar, Muhammad Azfar. "Higher education governance and performance based funding as an ecology of games." Higher Education 69, no. 2 (2015): 289-302.


    • Nisar, Muhammad A. "Practitioner Envy and Construction of the Other in Public Administration." Administration & Society (2015): 0095399715581038.

Conference Paper: Maroulis, S., Nisar, M. A., Taggart, G. (2015). Personal Networks in the Workplace: An Empirical Study of Innovative Behavior by Street Level Bureaucrats. Public Management Research Conference.


    • 2015                Outstanding Doctoral Paper, School of Public Affairs, ASU.


    • 2015                Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Phi Kappa Phi (ASU Chapter).


    • 2015                Love of Learning Award, Phi Kappa Phi.

Gabel Taggart

Interviewed on the Phoenix NPR station, KJZZ, about his work on the paper, Scalpers who work together may offer best deals for ticket sales.