From the Board Chair, Leisha DeHart Davis

When Barry asked me during lunch to serve as chair of the CORD Board of Advisors , I halted my eggplant parmigiana mid-bite. Which is no small deal to a foodie. The opportunity to serve CORD was enough to delay culinary gratification and give an immediate yes. And that has a lot to do with you.

As CORD faculty, advisors and fellows, you belong to an international network of scholars that is astonishingly diverse and productive. You are public management scholars, science and technology policy experts and nonprofit and private management researchers. Some are veterans, a few are newbies, many are mid-career. You have produced volumes of knowledge in books, journal articles and research grants. The depth and breadth of CORD-affiliated talent is staggering.

Because I believe opportunism is a virtue, one of my first assignments is to strengthen the sense of a CORD community. There are many ways to do this: conferences and workshops, a stronger social media presence, an invitation-only listserv. But the most important ideas will come from you. Barry and I will be devising an email with options for you to consider shortly; we may even follow this up with a short internet survey (because surveys are NOT dead!). In the meantime, if you have thoughts, please email us both. We would love to hear what CORD can do for you and likewise.

I look forward to getting to know you!