Affiliated Students

  • Jiwon Jung : Jung, J., Bozeman, B., & Gaughan, M. (2017). Impact of Cosmopolitan Research Collaboration on Job Satisfaction. Research Policy, 46(10): 1863-1872. doi:
  • Nate WadeNate Wade’s proposals have been accepted to the 2018 6th Biannual Public Values Conference and the Public Management Research Conference.  He will be presenting on “Is Health Care a Public Value?”
  • Qingqing Wang : During 2016-2017 academic year, Qingqing Wang worked on several projects, including cosmopolitan collaboration and job satisfaction, desk rejection and editors’ roles, fake news and public values. Now, she has two papers under R& R. One paper is titled “Collaboration Cosmopolitanism: What are the Effects on the ‘Overlooked Majority’ of Scientists and Engineers?”. This paper is co-authored with Barry Bozeman, Monica Gaughan and Jiwon Jung. The other paper is titled “China’s Comprehensively Deepening Reforms in the New Era: An Institutional Analysis Framework”. Qingqing Wang attended the Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy and present a poster. She will attend PMRC 2018 to present a paper concerning turnover and career outcomes. Qingqing Wang has won the Graduate College Travel Award for attending the Arizona Method Workshop and ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Individual Travel Grant for attending PMRC 2018.