About the Center:

An interdisciplinary unit of the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions at Arizona State University, the Center for Organization Research and Design is cross-national in focus and includes participants and affiliates from many nations—promoting, supporting and conducting fundamental research on public, nonprofit, and hybrid organizations and their design.

Our goals include the following:

  • Provide research on organizations’ behavior, structure, and design, especially knowledge-based or technology-intensive public, nonprofit, hybrid, and newly emerging organizational forms
  • Conduct research on public and nonprofit management, focusing on activities related to inter-sector and inter-institutional relations
  • Serve as a producer, broker, and supplier of public domain data on public, nonprofit, and hybrid organizations
  • Promote communication among researchers, including serving as a locus for conferences, workshops, visiting researchers, and facilitating intellectual interchange about public, nonprofit, and hybrid organizations
  • Develop programs and communications mechanisms for bringing together researchers and public officials seeking to develop funding and resources supporting research on public, nonprofit, and hybrid organizaitons.