Public Values Consortium Schedule

Arizona State University
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Program of Events

Thursday, Jan. 7

5:30-7:00 pm
Welcome Reception
40 N 1st St. Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: 602-252-2285

Friday, Jan. 8, University Center Building, 411 N. Central Ave. 2nd Fl.

8:30-9:00 - Continental Breakfast- 2nd floor mezzanine

Group 1- room 282, Moderator- Stu Bretschneider
– Lene Holm Pedersen, Copenhagen Business School; Lotte Bøgh Andersen, University of Århus; Andreas Boesen; “Performance in Public Organizations: Clarifying the Conceptual Space”.
– Chen-Yu Kao, Arizona State University, Alex J. Murdock, London South Bank University, Chin-Chang Tsai, Arizona State University; “An empirical assessment of the applicability of public values concept: Arizona food assistance network”.
– Owen F. Witesman, Indiana University, “A Public/Private Values Distinction? An Empirical Study of Public Values in Decision Making”.

Group 2- room 286, Moderator- Nicole Darnall
– Thomas K. Valentine, Hal G. Rainey, School of Public and International Affairs, University of Georgia; “The Effect of Youth Development Programs on Public Value”.
– Sherman A. Cooper, Georgia State University; “Jurisdictional Preference or Public-Value Failure? The Case of Georgia’s Qualified Education Tax Credit”.
– Walter D. Valdivia, The Brookings Institution; “The Limits of Consequentialism in Policy Evaluation”.

Group 3- room 282, Moderator-Justin Stritch
– James Thompson, Lauren Bowman, Department of Public Administration, University of Illinois- Chicago; “Bringing Morality Back In: Congress, the Civil Service and the Legitimacy of the Administrative State”.
– Mark R. Rutgers, University of Amsterdam, Lijing Yang, University of Amsterdam; “The Nature of Loyalty in the Public Sphere”.
– Chin-Chang Tsai, Arizona State University; “Identifying and Measuring Public Values in the Nonprofit Context: Organizational and Volunteers’ Perspectives”.

Group 4- room 286, Moderator-Angel Molina
– Robert K. Christensen, University of Georgia, Justin M. Stritch, Arizona State University; “Prosocial Dr. Jekyll, meet Deviant Mr. Hyde: Exploring the Confluence of Other-oriented Public Values and Self-centered Narcissism”.
– Edmund C. Stazyk, University at Albany, Randall S. Davis, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Shannon Portillo, University of Kansas; “More Dissimilar Than Alike? Comparing Minority and Non-Minority Managers’ Value Preferences”.
– Toon Kerkhoff, Leiden University; “Images of ‘Proper’ Administration: Public Values and Expertise in the Training and Education of Civil Servants”.

12:30-2:00- Lunch on own

2:00-2:30- room 282
Tribute Panel, “Contributions of Torben Beck Jorgensen to the Study of Policy Values”
– Lotte Bøgh Andersen (Aarhus University), Barry Bozeman (Arizona State University), Lene Holm (Copenhagen Business School; Mark Rutgers (University of Amsterdam).
This informal panel consists of brief remembrances of Torben and his work, both his intellectual contributions and the standards Torben set as a colleague and friend.

Group 5- room 282, Moderator-Barry Bozeman
– Jan Youtie, Georgia Institute of Technology; “Exploring Public Values Implications of the I-Corps Program”.
– Younsung Kim, George Mason University, Nicole Darnall, Arizona State University; “Business as a Collaborative Partner: Understanding Firms’ Socio-Political Support for Policy Formation”.
– Adam Eckerd, University of Tennessee, Stephanie Moulton, Ohio State University; “For Profit and For Public Value: Stakeholder Influence and Public Missions in For-Profit B-Corporations”.

Group 6- room 286, Moderator-Marla Parker
– Mark R. Rutgers, University of Amsterdam, Trui Steen, Leiden University; “The Miss Marple Enigma: Public Service Motivation, as the Opportunity, and Will to Commit. Public Value”.
– Carina Schott, Leiden University; Daphne van Kleef, Leiden University; Trui Steen, Leiden University, “Exploring why PSM decreases over time: a longitudinal qualitative approach towards the role of the ‘reality shock’”.

Group 7- room 282, Moderator-Angel Molina
– Heather Rimes, Western Carolina University, Cathy Slade, Georgia Regents University, Derrick Anderson, Arizona State University, Jennie Welch, Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement; “Towards a Theory of Public Value Managerialism: Examining CEO attitudes towards technological innovation in hospitals”.
– Marla Parker, Arizona State University; “Understanding the “Stweet Spot”: Examining Twitter as Space for Public Value Adjudication”.

Group 8- room 286
– Jason Scott Robert, Arizona State University, Nicole Piemonte, Arizona State University; 45 Minute Interactive Case Study: “Opting out of Childhood Vaccinations: An Interactive Effort to Uncover Shared Values Amidst Widespread, High-stakes Disagreement”.

5:00- room 282
Concluding remarks and discussion of need or desire for on activities or another PV workshop.

 Non Presenters
– Eva Witesman, Romney Institute of Public Management, Brigham Young University; “From Public Values to Public Value and Back Again”.